Helge Sorg – drums, (triggered) bass synth, fx

Clemens Horn – keyboards, fx


Kingsize Crumbles is a drummer (Helge Sorg) and a keyboarder (Clemens Horn) playing their instruments live -including a lot of effects- to create music that sounds like today. They improvise everything on the spot. 

It is common practice for IDM live performers to use pre-recorded tracks, loops, arpeggiators and sequences and focus the live performance on manipulating those sounds in real time. 

Kingsize Crumbles choose a different approach. They explore the possibilities of doing it all at the same time: create the sounds themselves (actually play them all) and treat them with effects at the same time. 

This changes the performance considerably. Every aspect of the music is open to change at any moment and can (and probably will) be tweaked, bent and morphed into something dramatically different at one point. Meanwhile, the sound aesthetic of electronic dance music stays intact. 

The result is unique music made in a unique way.

Doing all of this at once is a busy task that requires the band to use all kinds of hand and feet controllers. For the audience, it is exciting to follow this process up close and see how these sounds are being created and manipulated. 

More audio from the same studio session as the video’s.
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